An important message from Jon Coupal.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association President Jon Coupal shares an important message about why Proposition 19 is a bad deal for taxpayers. Prop. 19 is a $1 billion tax increase on California families. Click here to listen.

Podcast: Susan Shelley, VP Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

Joining the conversation on this Special Saturday edition of the California Lodging and Investment Podcast is Susan Shelley, VP Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and we are talking Prop. 15 & Prop. 19. Along with the effects on Hotels, CRE, Small Business, Tenants and more…. Click here to listen.

Editorial: Prop. 19 perpetuates California property tax inequity

Proposition 19 on the Nov. 3 ballot would close one inequity in California’s byzantine property tax laws and create another. It would eliminate provisions that allow often-wealthy parents to transfer without tax consequences ownership of family homes to their children who use the residences as rental properties. But it would also expand rules allowing residents […]

Reject Proposition 19, a cynical special interest money grab

California counties should implement the good part of Proposition 19; the voters should handle the bad part by turning down the ballot measure this November. Portability — taking your property tax bill with you when you move from one California county to another — rightly protects people from enormous spikes in taxes. Property owners are […]

OUR VIEW: Endorsements: Ballot targets property: Vote NO on Props 15, 19 and 21

Three property and tax-related propositions appear on the November ballot. Proposition 15 proposes to change California’s popular 42-year-old Proposition 13, which limits property taxes. Proposition 19 expands some property tax exemptions and eliminates others. And Proposition 21 is a do-over of a rent control ballot measure that California voters soundly defeated two years ago. Voters […]